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Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania is not the first book Stephanie Longo dedicates to the history and presence of Italian immigrants in North America. With her considerable efforts, Longo is helping to fill the void that still makes the experiences and lives of these people largely unknown. Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania presents hundreds of pictures showing the immigrants from the beginning of their journey to America and accompanies them in every step of their new life. It shows the native towns and cities of the immigrants, the ships that brought them to the new world, the jobs they found, their meetings during summer, and religious processions. Longo also points out that the group suffered discrimination. In this way, Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania offers a complete overview of the lives of these people.

Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania combines short but informative notes and beautiful images. Longo is an expert in this subject. The fact that she tells the stories of the immigrants giving prominence to visual elements allows readers to understand the people’s conditions and sympathize with them. The pictures reveal how hard their lives were, but also that they could enjoy simple pleasures. Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania shows the many sides of integration in North America. It has been a long and often difficult process, but it was successful in the end. I think that this book is an excellent way to discover a little-known piece of ethnic history in North America. It is also a good way to understand a different culture that is still thriving in this part of the world.”

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